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Shell Factory Motor Mania, North Fort Myers, FL; May 4, 2014

Sunday, May 4th Shell Factory Motor Mania
Shell Factory Motor Mania
Mark your calendar for the Shell Factory Motor Mania, Sunday, May 4th!! This great Biker Appreciation event offers fun for everyone. Live entertainment, Biker Buffet Breakfast, Biker Games, Nature Park, Botanical Trail, and Family Fun Park! The Shell Factory has just announced the first Soaring Eagle Zip Line in Florida. Vendors wanted! Only $25 per 10' X 10' spot. Make your check out to Nature Park Environmental Foundation and mail it to Rick Tupper, The Shell Factory, 2787 N. Tamiami Trial, North Fort Myers, FL 33903. Information: Rick Tupper, 239-560-9522.

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Thunder in the Smokies Spring Motorcycle Rally
May 2-4, 2014 in Maggie Valley, NC


Thunder in the Smokies

Spring Motorcycle Rally


May 2-4, 2014 in Maggie Valley, NC

Friday, May 2, 2014

Gates open 11 am - 11 pm, Vendors open all day

Concerts Sponsored by Smoky Mtn Steel Horses

5:30 pm - 7 pm Music Band Featuring… To be announced

7:30 - 9 pm Music Band Featuring… To be announced

9:30 pm - 11 pm Music Band Featuring… The Corbitt Brothers  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gates open at 9 am - 11 pm, Vendors open all day

10 am Free Tour Ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway

12 pm Ride in Bike Show Sponsored by Lanier Law Group

1 pm Winners Announced $500 Cash Prize

1:30 pm – 4:30 Bike Games Sponsored by AIM $500 Cash Prize

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Music Band Featuring… Smoke Rise Band

7:30 pm - 9pm Music Band Featuring… To be announced  

9:30 pm - 11 pm Music Band Featuring… To be announced

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gates open at 9 am - Vendors open - Stay with us till 3 pm

9 am - 10 am FREE Pancake Breakfast

10 am Church Service

Music to be announced


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Los Lunes Car and Bike Show in New Mexico
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See the 2014 Indian Chief Line Up in Laughlin, NV

 Indian Motorcycle®      Test Ride        Events        Find A Dealer   


Laughlin River Run

April 24 - 26  •  Laughlin, NV

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino
1650 So Casino Drive
Laughlin, NV 89029   

Laughlin River Run Logo


Join us at the Laughlin River Run, as the Indian Motorcycle® Demo Tour rolls into town featuring the all-new Indian® Chief® motorcycles - the Chief® Classic , the Chief® Vintage and the full-loaded hard bagger, the Chieftain™. Each bike has the confidence-inspiring handling and impressive power of the Thunder Stroke 111™ engine.

Riders must be 18 years or older, provide a valid motorcycle endorsement and wear proper riding attire.







Indian Rides App

& Engage


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Fox Creek Leather...Save $25 on Womans Fitted Classic

Fox Creek Leather - American-made with a Lifetime Guarantee 800.766.4165
Home Men Women Boots Accessories Luggage Spotlight SALE!
Easter Savings
Seven Years of Searching is Over!!

Easter Special!
Womens Fitted Classic Motorcycle Jacket on Sale
Womens Fitted Classic
Motorcycle Jacket
Save $25
Sale Price
starting at:

I run a motorcycle riding events company, putting ridiculous miles on my bike each year through all kinds of weather conditions. When I started to search for a good leather jacket, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be, or how long it would take me to find one. I bought endless brand name jackets that I assumed would be quality leather and provide the details a rider needed. What I got instead was a string of stiff leather with nothing a rider could use. The back of the jacket would rise up to expose my lower back while sitting on the bike, or I couldn't move my arms to reach my grips as the cut wasn't made for movement. Pockets always seemed like a last minute inclusion. But the worst of it all was that the dang things NEVER fit!! I'd constantly be sending them back for another size, only to end up sending that back as well and requesting a refund. Consider yourself lucky if you've stumbled onto Fox Creek Leather at the beginning of your search, for search will be over quickly!

I knew by the size of the box that Fox Creek Leather was different. It was much smaller. Afraid it was a lesser quality leather to be folded up like that, I opened the box and reached in for the jacket. As soon as my hand touched it, my whole reference for "soft leather" changed. How is it possible to have such thick protection and yet be so pliable and soft? When I pulled it out, I was shocked by how light weight it was although the leather was thick. The moment of truth came when I put it on. I didn't feel like I had the entire weight of a cow on my back! I went and sat on my bike and was actually more comfortable! The expansion in the shoulders is extremely well placed. The fitted waist line keeps the jacket where you want it, and amazingly it does not ride up in the back or make a gap in the front you when sit on your bike. Instead, it seems to actually hug you more.

The sleeves contour down your arm to your wrist in a tight fit, not allowing any cold air to rush in. The zip out inner lining also has an attached neck guard to eliminate the notorious distance between a leather jackets collar and you neck. This is a huge advantage as additional neck bulk really gets in the way of a comfortable ride. The pockets are amazing, and perfectly placed.

Negatives on the jacket are minimal; The zip out lining can be a tad bulky under the arms. I ordered the size recommended on the site and it fit great, but was big in the top of the shoulders so this may be unique to me. The only other negative is the collar itself does not snap down when the jacket is zipped all of the way up, which causes concerns for the dreaded material flap in the wind. This being by my neck may be an issue, which I'll fix with a bit of Velcro if need be.

True leather motorcycle riding jackets that are cut for a women are incredibly rare on the market. I've found a few companies who specialize in them, but being a smaller rider with an hour glass shape, I never could find one that fit ME.

THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU Fox Creek Leather!! After seven years of searching I have finally found a jacket worthy of my riding!!

Throttle Girl, Moab, UT


A Few Items Still Left

If you are looking for great deals on top quality Fox Creek Leather gear, check out these deep discounts on Clearance Gear and a few limited sizes in Closeout Styles of Milwaukee Boots, Men's Dress Jackets, and Women's Butterfly Jackets and Vests.

Product Spotlight

We're adding new gear all the time... check out our Spotlight Page for our Latest Additions. Here is one of our newest...

Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps

Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps

Choose from elkskin (as available) or cowhide in different colors and weights, and embellish with your choice of hardware - we even offer authentic US Minted Coin Snaps handcrafted right here in Grayson County, VA! Choose one or two pockets (or none) and decide if you'd like braid trim...

Quarterly Newsletter Winner
Fox Creek Leather Gift Certificate

Well, it's time to announce the winner of the Newsletter Subscriber $250 Gift Certificate.

The way it works...
Once a quarter, we have a random drawing for a $250 Gift Certificate. All you need to do to be in the running for this certificate is subscribe to our newsletter. So, not only do you get info about new products and upcoming sales, you have a chance to win $250 of Fox Creek Leather gear. Wolfgang Besier of Witten, Germany is our newest quarterly winner.

Congratulations, Wolfgang!


Look for us on these popular social sites:

Follow foxcreekleather on Twitter

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blank 04/04/14 02:11PM Harley-Davidson Commemorative Bike. 2014 FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Raffle Tickets Now On Sale For One-Of-A-Kind Harley-Davidson® Bike!

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson



The Nevada 150th Anniversary State Bike

Please visit for a complete list of raffle rules.

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blank 04/03/14 12:29PM Motorcycle Accessories

Don't Cut Corners With Your Motorcycle Equipment!
Guest Blog

One of the most common mistakes new motorcycle owners tend to make is to underestimate the importance of proper equipment. Few things can help you in case of a crash and maximize your chances of survival, and having a good layer of protective clothing over your body is among the top of the list. That's why so many governments actually make it a requirement that anybody riding a motorcycle must wear certain types of protective wear. It's not some conspiracy to get your money, it's just a way to ensure the safety of riders at least to some extent.

But sadly, when most people are told that they're required to buy a helmet and a special jacket upon purchasing their new bike, they often go for the cheapest options that are deemed "passable" by law, just so they can hop on their bikes as soon as possible. And then those are usually the people you read about in the news. A cheap helmet is much more likely to cave in and put you in even more danger than it's protecting you from. A thin, cheap jacket will likely get shredded to bits if you roll over in it, not to mention the fact that it will not protect you against the wind at all.

This is actually a very important point to consider. Wearing a thick, warm jacket is something you can never go wrong with when you're cruising down the highway at 60 miles per hour. Remember, that's the same as being out in a wind of the same speed constantly blowing in your chest! Most people would catch a cold pretty quickly in those conditions, but even if you consider yourself a tough guy that isn't bothered by low temperatures, don't do this to yourself. Years later, your kidneys will be irreversibly damaged and that's all because you kept exposing them to one session of cold after another with no mercy.

There are also various things you can get for the bike itself to make your ride more comfortable and safer. Of course you should check for any serious flaws when you're purchasing it, but you'll never get it just the way you want it at the point of purchase, no matter how hard you look. You should look into replacing some of the cosmetic parts first if you want to give it a new look. Change the seat as that can always use a replacement after years of use. While you're at it, check to make sure that the instruments panel operates fully and that it doesn't have any obvious problems. Are the handles okay? Etc, etc - there are many small details that can greatly improve your overall perception of the ride, and even if each one of them seems insignificant now, they can quickly add up. You'd be amazed how much more different your bike can feel once you've put in just a little more money for better equipment, and you won't even have to spend a lot to achieve that!

Every year, many motorbike accidents lead to deaths due to safety measures not being followed. So, using the best quality motorcycle accessories is very important to ensure safety and protection. Click on this link to know more.

Article Source:

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Strider Announces New Program to Teach Balancing Skills

Strider Bikes Announces New Program to Teach Balance and Riding Skills


Strider Camp Curriculum and Kit Praised by Educators


Rapid City, SD (March 24, 2014) - Strider Sports International, the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of children's no-pedal balance bikes, has created a new "How to Balance and Ride" Train the Trainer Curriculum known as STRIDER Camp™. This turnkey kit and lesson plan, complete with five sessions of hands-on learning, fun, and instruction, makes it easy for Strider Dealers, Educators, Park and Recreation programmers or any parent to teach balance and riding skills to groups of toddlers or young children of all abilities. 


Strider Camp is a Train the Trainer Program with the goal of teaching balance and the ability to stride. The Strider Camp Kit includes a detailed five session lesson plan, as well as the materials needed to conduct the camp for kids 2-12 years of age.  After reading the materials, instructors will have all the knowledge needed to host/teach a camp. Upon completion of the course, youngsters will have the tools and skills necessary to perfect bike handling and the balance needed to ride a bike.  STRIDER riders quickly gain confidence and have fun while improving coordination and motor skills.  And best of all, the kit includes the ability to order bikes at discounted prices, so that Strider Camps can be used as fundraisers for non-profit organizations. 


According to Kim Burke, PT, MPT at Children's Care Hospital and School in Rapid City, SD, "Striders rock!!!  Our (Strider) camp at Children's Care opened the door to riding for every child who participated in the bike camp.  All the families have given me feedback that their children love to ride their Striders!  What a great tool to utilize to increase balance, strength, and motor coordination for children."


Contact Dona Ochsner at Strider Bikes for more details on this educational program or to order your Strider Camp Kit. Additional photos can be found HERE.


STRIDER balance bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride on two wheels.  Strider balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels.


The STRIDER's simple, no-pedal design builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace.  This unique design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training-wheel bikes.

For toddlers, children, adults, and people of all abilities, a STRIDER balance bike is the perfect tool for learning and perfecting balance and bike handling skills that are key to enjoying a life full of fun, healthy, outdoor activities. 


About Strider Sports International, Inc.

Strider Sports International, Inc. designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes that encourage toddlers to ride, learn, and explore the world on two wheels. Founded by Ryan McFarland in January 2007, Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders of dirt, mountain, street, and road bikes. The goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, lightweight and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in young new riders. The patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bike is now distributed worldwide in over 70 countries. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit


About Strider™ No-Pedal Bikes

We Create Riders! STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes were developed specifically to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling. The simple, no-pedal design allows toddlers to learn to ride on two wheels, avoiding tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles, and instilling considerable confidence and stellar bike handling skills sure to last a lifetime.  Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes encourage the development of spatial awareness, balance and basic motor skills so that all children can reach their maximum riding potential faster, better and safer. Available at

STRIDER SPORTS INT'L, INC.                   (605) 342-0266

2221 N. Plaza Dr.                           RAPID CITY, SD 57702 

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