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Reposted from Motocross Performance

Text by Danny Brault
Images by Claude Auchu & Danny Brault

This past weekend I was fortunate to partake in one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had on a motorcycle, and probably one of the best group off-road motorcycle rides in Canada and North America. It wasn’t riding on a real supercross track or sharing a ride with some great like Ricky Carmichael or Jean-Sebastien Roy (although, JSR was at this event), but rather it was a 1,000 kilometre, on-road/ off-road, 2-day rally race across Northern Quebec. Something completely new to me, but change is good, right?

The event is called Orange Crush Adventure Rally and it’s been going on every year September since 2012, with KTM Canada acting as title sponsor, seeing as the company offers a full line-up of bikes capable of handling a course like Orange Crush. Marc Fontaine is the man behind the event and his goal is to replicate a Dakar Rally feel, offering a high-mile rally race across paved roads, gravel roads, fire roads, single-track trail and everything in between, along with various ‘Special Tests’ for those wishing to show off their hardcore adventure riding skills and compete for best times.

Orange Crush is a race but it’s more about fun, some laughs and sharing your motorcycle passion with others. There was a total of 150 riders broken up into teams of three, and each rider’s bike was equipped with a Road/ Route Book. To win the event, it’s not about being the fastest, but rather you and your team must have excellent navigation skills as well, because the winning team is based on whoever is “closest to the pin” when it comes to recording the actual mileage of the race. Riders are monitored by GPS so it’s pretty accurate to know how many kms each one puts on during Orange Crush. Let’s say the race is 900 kms long; the goal is to end with your dial closest to 900 as possible.

The event begins with a lap around the SRA Motocross Track in Terrebonne, Quebec (approx 30 minutes north of Montreal) and then riders travel north 500 kms to the almost extinct mining town of Parent. Everyone stays over in Parent for dinner and drinks, and then the green flag waves again at 6am on Saturday with all 150 riders racing south 400 kms to La Tuque. Things wrap up with a huge dinner, drinks, live music, and awards ceremony at the ski hill in La Tuque. The town of La Tuque loves motorsports and welcomes Orange Crush and its participants with open arms. No doubt, though, as the event takes over three to four hotels, restaurants, bars, and injects good money into the local economy. (La Tuque is 3.5 hours Northeast of Montreal.)

The longest I’ve ever ridden a motocross bike for is, maybe, 2 hours. But this past Friday and Saturday, I somehow held on for 9 hours each day, manhandling this monster KTM Adventure 1190 (pics below), which actually feels incredibly light on the trail and road, and features some high tech gagdgetry like ABS, Traction Control and electronic suspension to automatically adjust to an individual’s weight. Oh, and it boasts an 1190cc, two cylinder four-stroke engine with 150 HP. It’s ready to race.

With my WASPcam mounted, I snapped a few pics along my journey through the Quebec wilderness, and also have some video footage to share as well. Here’s a visual of what you can expect at an Orange Crush Adventure Rally Race. If you’re interested in signing up for Orange Crush 2015, contact Marc Fontaine by clicking here.

A BIG thanks to everyone at KTM Canada (Warren, Chris, JSR, Florian, Gerald), event promoter Marc Fontaine and his entire crew for putting together such a well organized and entertaining motorcycle event. It was a blast!


Orange Crush Adventure begins! The two-day, dual-sport motorcycle rally began Friday morning at SRA Motocross track in Quebec, just north of Montreal. After signing in, riders geared up and completed one lap of the racetrack for the first ‘Special Test’ of the event.



Marc Fontaine has a long history around motorcycles and event promotion. Since 2012, Fontaine, KTM and other sponsors have worked hard to deliver one of North America’s best adventure rally events. 200 to 1200cc, you’ll find all kinds of bikes and brands at Orange Crush. Everyone is welcome (you just need a motorcycle license and street legal bike).



Some hardcore adventure riders actually camped out at SRA the night before Day 1 of Orange Crush.


media bikes

Spoiled Brats: A handful of Canadian journalists were given the opportunity to experience Orange Crush, with KTM outfitting each of us with a bike and gear, and Dave Renouf leading us safely through the entire course. My ride was the orange 1190 Adventure in the middle here. You would not believe how smooth and confident you can ride this bike on some extreme off-road conditions. It’s 450 lbs but handles almost as well as an XC in the woods.


150 riders

Since 2012, Orange Crush has enjoyed more than 100 riders and, in 2014, it was capped off at 150 due to limited motel space on night one in Parent.

Orange Crush start 150 riders

Riders preparing for the start of Day 2 in Parent, Quebec.



Riders feel like rockstars starting and finishing each day of Orange Crush, riding through the Red Bull arch with cameras clicking.

race down roads

Mad Max? That’s who I felt like in some sections of Orange Crush. This photo was taken on Day 2 when we were traveling south from Parent to La Tuque. I think we were about 175 kms from La Tuque at this point. These desolate Quebec logging roads have riders clipping along at speeds of 100 – 160 km/h. (To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable and nervous at times!)


racing down roads

Your author enjoying his first ride on KTM’s Adventure 1190. This was taken on Day 1 when we made our way up some dirt roads towards Parent from Montreal.


amazing views

There was no shortage of amazing views during Orange Crush! This is when we took a break for a sandwich and a cold drink before riding for another 300 kms to La Tuque.


women racers too

Orange Crush isn’t only for the boys – women were in the mix as well!


Paul Penzoil

Ex-road racer and freelance journalist Paul “Penzoil” Penzo showing off his grey/ black version of the KTM Adventure 1190. You could definitely tell Paul was a road racer when we hit roads and wide open spaces – you’d never see him again until the checkpoint! To the right is our VIP Experience leader, Dave Renouf. Great guy and solid rider!


all sizes of bikes

As long as you have a valid motorcycle license and street legal machine, you’re welcome to race Orange Crush! We had Japanese, Euro and German machines in the mix.


what a goof bal...crashed a 500 exc

You’ve got to keep up with the trends, right? #selfie


just finished mud section

This was taken right after the muddy video clip above. Our three lean, mean KTM off-road racing machines: two KTM Adventure 1190s for the journalists, and a KTM Enduro 690 for Renouf.


night life in Parent

Parent, Quebec reminds me of Bell Island, Newfoundland … you’ve got to see it to believe it.


Along the 900 km journey, Fontaine and his team laid out some ‘Special Tests’, which were timed but optional for Orange Crush riders. This test was on Day 2; our group opted out of it. A little too steep and sandy. With 400 kms to go, I really needed to conserve every bit of energy just to finish the loop. Kudos to the guys who had the balls to go for it!


la tuque view

A view of La Tuque. This is where things wrapped up on Day 2 of Orange Crush, with some riders going for one last ‘adventure’ up the skil hill. I did go for this Special Test, but after two turns, wish I hadn’t. I’m still out of breath!


ride orange

KTM Canada’s new RIDE ORANGE hauler



Duroy KTM’s Gaetan Labelle normally spends his weekends at the motocross track, supporting almost every orange rider in Quebec. Not last weekend though. The Orange Bleeder is a sponsor and also competitor at Orange Crush!


big dinner

Everyone was treated to a huge feast on Saturday night in La Tuque, which was included in your race entry.


on the trail

Our team – Danny Brault, Dave Renouf, Paul Penzo – taking a break towards the end of Day 1.


florian gerald and chris

Team KTM: Almost every single KTM Canada corporate was at Orange Crush, either riding, working or both. Here we have Eastern Sales Manager, Gerald Kimpton, Tech Support coordinator Chris Laliberte  , and General Manager, Florian Burguet.



At the awards ceremony on Saturday night



See you at Orange Crush 2015!


band 2

Nothing beats a good adventure.

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blank 09/15/14 10:44AM Hoverbike, Readers Pics

What Is a Hoverbike?


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a... flying motorcycle? Yesterday that may have sounded unbelievable and ridiculous. But today, you better believe it. Flying cars have long since been a dream for those who love technology and futurist dreamers alike. But engineer Chris Malloy just took it to the next level.

In 2011 Malloy and his company, Malloy Aeronautics, developed an original vehicle they called a Hoverbike. To the untrained eye it just looks like a motorcycle with wheels that are parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular. And although they look like wheels they are actually power rotors.


The original Hoverbike could travel as fast as 173 mph and up to 10,000 feet above the ground. But it also presented some safety concerns. The biggest one being that it was unable to take sharp turns without losing the pilot in the process.

Among that and other reasons, Malloy Aeronautics has decided to improve the hoverbike and is currently working on a newer quadcopter model. It will have dual rotors on both the front and back of the vehicle, giving it a total of 4 rotors and significant stability, so losing the pilot is no longer an issue.

An interesting part of this project is that its funding comes from Kickstarter which connects dreamers to people that have money. basically just provides a platform for people with developed business plans to plead their case and anyone who really believes in it has a chance to pledge money towards developing the business plan.

One way creators often bring in investors is by promising them some type of incentive once the project takes off. In Chris Malloy's case, he has come up with a fully functioning model of the quadcopter that is 1/3 the size that the final product will be. This is available to investors after pledging a certain amount.

And luckily, was so helpful that Malloy Aeronautics not only met, but exceeded their goal and now have more than enough funding to help finish the manned quadcopter design. The smaller remote controlled, or "drone," models are fully functioning and have already been seen in flight.

The drones were originally made to test out their plans for the full size, manned hoverbike. They ended up working so well that they decided to mass produce and sell them to assist people in doing an endless list of tasks and to bring in more funds to go towards finishing the full size vehicle.

You may be interested to know that the hoverbike was not originally designed with the intent of just looking cool and futuristic. Chris Malloy actually had quite practical intentions. According to their website ( ), their goal is simply to produce a safe and reliable helicopter.

They go more in depth saying that "the Hoverbike has been designed from the very beginning to replace conventional helicopters in everyday one man operational areas like surveying, mainly for the obvious fact that it is inefficient and dangerous to place regular helicopters in harsh working environments."

"Also from a practical commercial position in which bringing a cheaper, better product will not only take over the existing market but can open it up to far more new customers who before could not afford the upfront costs of a typical helicopter and the very expensive and often unlooked maintenance costs."

The bike operates at a safe, low level height and can easily replace previous one man helicopters for professional tasks. It is purposed to complete jobs such as search and rescue, precision farming, first responder emergency services and cargo shipping of up to 265lbs.

Malloy Aeronautics claims that they aren't really doing anything new. After all they did not develop any component or system that has not been designed and thoroughly tested before. The only new thing they are doing is combining existing systems. Either way many find it truly innovative, even amazing.

Although we don't work with hoverbikes, call Bellmawr Collision Center today for any of your other auto body needs at 856-939-4000

Or, visit us online and admire the array of jobs we have done at
Bellmawr Collision has over thirty five years experience in truck and auto body repair.

We pride ourselves in having the largest "State of the Art" facility in South Jersey, capable of repairing all makes and models of autos, small and heavy trucks, buses, beverage trucks, fire engines, boats, travel trailers, RV's and heavy equipment.

Our professional work force of over twenty employees ensures that every work order is completed properly and promptly. Each vehicle includes a life time warranty on our body repairs.

Article Source:

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blank 09/10/14 08:21AM Indian Motorcycles, Road Trip

The American Dream Project

“The American Dream Project” – A new docu-series from Happy Marshall Productions is searching for the ‘great’ in America and what the American dream means today. If the American dream exists and where, this 5,000 mile cross-country journey will reveal a hidden and new vision of America.


NEW YORK: Announcing a unique new docu-series that’s filming in September, The American Dream Project” is going to put a lens on the rarely-traversed areas of these United States to find hopeful Americans who still believe in this country and everything it stands for. British born, Seven year NY resident James Marshall fantasized of life in America for as long as he could remember. In recent years, James has noticed America is getting a bad rap, especially from it's own citizens. An inherent idealist and optimist, James is determined to find real patriots who share his passion for this place he now calls home. On a journey, crisscrossing the amber waves of grain and the purple mountain majesties on his Indian motorcycle, James and his friend Todd, the adventurous American, are determined to disprove the cynics and make people more hopeful again.

In this original, authentic, and beautifully filmed docu-series, James and Todd are setting out on the archetypical American road trip, but with a specific purpose: to find the good in America, and to understand what the American dream means today. With only $250 dollars for food and accommodation, the two men will visit communities across the country and stay with the people they meet on their journey. After a big push on social media, James and Todd will find the unsung heroes one tweet at a time. While working for their keep, they'll meet with everyday Americans and find out what’s going on in both the big cities and the one- horse towns. They'll talk to scientists who are curing cancer, get a wet shave with a WWII veteran who has wisdom to share, work with community leaders who focus on at risk youth, and sit with local politicians who sometimes struggle to be heard. It’s a unique chance to hear from the Americans who aren’t in the news, but have a voice and should be celebrated. They will find the extraordinary in communities that are bouncing back and uniting in the face of difficult times.

Follow their journey at:


Instagram - @HMAmericanDream

– @HMAmericanDream

The American Dream Projectis a Happy Marshall Production; partners include:

  •           Sundance Productions
  •           FilmBuff
  •           Indian Motorcycles
  •           Belstaff
  •           Schuberth
  •           Smith Optics
  •           Cole Haan
  •          Tribal Worldwide
  •           Flavorpill
  •           Motorcycle Safety School
  •          Her Majesty’s British Consulates

 Todd Williams and James Marshall of The American Dream Project

Todd Williams and James Marshall of The American Dream Project

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blank 09/09/14 10:29AM Chaps, Fox Creek Leather, Gloves, Leather Jacket, Leathers, Vests

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Kenny Marks wearing his Braided Buffalo Nickel Vest from Nashville to the Sea-of-Cortez
Kenny Marks wearing his Braided Buffalo Nickel Vest from Nashville to the Sea-of-Cortez

Cool Comfort Sale - Save on Select Chaps

Tis the season for riding. Only 113 days left in 2014 and soon riding in the Virginia mountains will be umm... chilly. Even if you are one of those who believes "It's better to ride in the cold (or rain) than not ride at all," lay that work aside and get out there while Mother Nature so warmly beckons.

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Nashville to the Sea-of-Cortez
Kenny Marks in his Fox Creek Leather Jacket and Chaps

I recently did a 4000 mile ride from Nashville to the Sea-of-Cortez in MEXICO. I traveled every mile in my FOX CREEK braided laced vest, chaps, & classic jacket. The trip included everything from Texas drought & torrential rain to desert heat in excess of 100. My faithful leathers never let my down. Here's a picture in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico at sunrise near the USA border. Thank you for making gear that goes everywhere I go!!

-- Kenny Marks from Franklin, TN

5th Annual Customer Appreciation Ride
5th Annual Customer Appreciation Ride
Fox Creek Leather's resident geek, Terri, on her V-Star leading the crew on the Fox Tail Ride.

Saturday, September 20
(Rain Date: October 18)

Mark Your Calendar - It's Coming in September! Our Fifth Annual Fox Tail Ride is scheduled for the Third Saturday in September.

We're leaving Fox Creek at 1:00pm for our Fox Tail Ride through Grayson Highlands. Bring your cameras and Fox Creek Leather gear - September might be a little nippy in the higher elevations - and you can't go any higher in Virginia than Mt. Rogers.

After riding through some of the most scenic convoluted blacktop east of the Mississippi,* we'll all head back to Fox Creek for some food and fun. Relax at the pond, toss some horseshoes, play corn hole, bring a deck of cards, BYOB (please, please ride sober - we don't want you to be a statistic), bring a tent and just enjoy some southern hospitality.

We do have a request -- if you are planning to attend, please email us: with "We'll Be There" in the subject line. Let us know how many are coming and if you plan to camp at the pond. We just want to be sure to have enough vittles for everyone.

It's been a really wet September this year in our little section of Virginia. So, we're sending out a brief email and posting on our home page on Wednesday, September 17 the status of the September 20 ride. Keep your fingers crossed and watch the skies...

*It's always fun to watch tractor trailers that ignored the VDOT warning trying to back their way to where they started.


Look for us on these popular social sites:

Follow foxcreekleather on Twitter

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blank 09/05/14 09:46AM

New 40th Anniversary Gold Wing Highlights 2015 Honda Motorcycle Additions

Honda continues the new introductions to its 2015 motorcycle line with today's announcement of several cruiser, touring and dual-sport models. The 2015 model year marks the 40th anniversary of the Gold Wing® and we are celebrating with a commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition. Other new introductions include the return of popular and iconic motorcycles from the 1300 Custom and Shadow lines, as well as the Fury and do-it-all XR650L.

2015 Honda Goldwing

"For 2015 we are proud to be celebrating 40 years of the Gold Wing. This model means so much to our company and our customers," said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. "When this model was introduced in 1975 it revolutionized what touring in America could be. It was our customers' passion for adventure and traveling the open road that really defined the Gold Wing and how it is used today."

The bike that started it all, the Honda Gold Wing maintains its legacy as the original touring motorcycle, with the commemorative 2015 GL1800 40th Anniversary Edition Gold Wing. And the 2015 Gold Wing F6B delivers nimble performance and now offers cruise control. All 2015 Gold Wing models feature unique 40th Anniversary emblems.

The 2015 Gold Wing is offered in a striking two-tone Candy Red and Black color marked with unique adornments as a special 40th anniversary edition. The world's best touring motorcycle equips riders with a luxurious, powerful, balanced and fully featured machine ready for every journey. Its six-cylinder 1832cc powerplant is highly efficient and reliable, allowing riders and passengers to focus on the accommodations, like an audio system with iPod® connectivity, and the available navigation system. The Gold Wing is available
in four distinct performance package options, so customers can choose the features they want.

  • Colors: Two-tone Candy Red and Black (new), Light
  • Silver Metallic (new), Black
  • Price: Starting at $23,999
  • Availability: October 2014

Click here to view images:

The Gold Wing F6B rewrote the rules for touring, injecting more performance and excitement into Honda's GL line and creating a new breed of Gold Wing riders. For 2015, the F6B makes logging miles easier with the addition of cruise control and also adds more aggressive styling with the addition of a black exhaust. The F6B features the powerful namesake flat six engine yet is lighter, higher performing and has a more sporty appearance from its lower windscreen and svelte bodywork. Yet despite the trimmed-down appearance, the F6B offers the comfort and luxury of a Gold Wing.

  • Colors: Matte Silver (new), Blue Metallic (new)
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

The Interstate™ remains Honda's long-haul custom that pairs progressive, modern features with classic retro styling. The Honda Interstate delivers ample power and strong low- and mid-range torque from its 1312cc V-twin while its floorboards, saddlebags and pronounced windscreen provide the luxury, comfort and capability for endless-mile journeys.

  • Colors: Black (new) with black frame, silver wheels and chrome accents
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

The head-turning Fury® remains Honda's most distinctive and radical cruiser, delivering the look, style and ride that a custom chopper should without the stratospheric cost and maintenance headaches. The powerful 1312cc V-twin engine oozes torque, but the bike's details reveal textbook Honda engineering, from the efficient programmed fuel injection to the quiet and cleanly integrated shaft final drive. For 2015, the Fury features new styling elements that include new frame, wheel and accent treatments.

  • Colors: Candy Red; Black with Gray frame, Bronze colored wheels (new)
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

The detail oriented eye-catcher of the 1300 Custom line, the Honda Stateline® is long, low and ready for riders to comfortably throw attitude in urban jungles and open roads. The Stateline's stance and classic lines create impact and it gets even better up close. The blacked-out cylinder fins on the 1312cc V-twin engine, swept bars, noticeably raked-out fork and wider, full fenders and tires create an undeniably cool cruiser aesthetic.

  • Colors: Blue Metallic (new) with black frame, silver wheels and chrome accents
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

In the Shadow® line, the style of the Shadow Aero® is pure retro-cruiser, yet the 745cc V-twin engine provides modern performance that says otherwise. The Aero features a custom 2-into-2 exhaust system that creates a classic V-twin cruiser sound. For 2015, the Shadow Aero pairs all of that chrome with a new Candy Red color.

  • Colors: Candy Red (new)
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

Honda's darkest Shadow returns for 2015, offering cool, minimalist custom looks at an affordable price. The Phantom® boasts dark, stealthy styling highlights including blacked-out components (including motor, fuel tank, fork, rims, handlebar and other parts), bobbed front and rear fenders and a lowprofile instrumentation layout. Riders can count on a throaty rumble from the 745cc V-twin engine with Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and also a new color for 2015.

  • Colors: Light Silver Metallic (new), Black
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: November 2014

Click here to view images:

The time-tested XR650L remains Honda's do-it-all dual sport model that is capable of just about anything. From desert to mountain trail rides where its 649cc engine and long-travel suspension shine to the urban environment where its versatility as a sensible commuter is demonstrated by great fuel efficiency and light weight, possibilities and destinations are pretty much endless.

  • Colors: Red
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: December 2014

Click here to view images:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Side-by-Sides in the U.S. American Honda's Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing and operational activities for these products through independent authorized Honda retail dealers.

For more information on Honda products, go to

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blank 09/04/14 08:01AM AMA, MotoAmerica, road racing

American Motorcyclist Association to sanction MotoAmerica’s
Professional Road Racing Series in North America

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association has announced that it will sanction MotoAmerica, a new North American road racing series. MotoAmerica is an affiliate of KRAVE Group LLC, a partnership that includes three-time MotoGP champion, Wayne Rainey.

MotoAmerica will promote and manage the commercial aspects of MotoAmerica, which will be sanctioned by the AMA and FIM North America. FIM North America is the North American Continental Union of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the international body for motorcycle sport.

The KRAVE Group is a Costa Mesa, Calif.-based organization that includes Rainey, the three-time 500cc World Champion (1990, 1991 and 1992) and two-time AMA Superbike Champion (1983, 1987), Chuck Aksland, a former racer and 20-year manager of Team Roberts who most recently served as Vice President of Motor Sport Operations at Circuit of The Americas, Terry Karges, a former motorsports marketing executive and team owner who spent 17-years at Roush Performance before being named Executive Director of the Petersen Museum, and Richard Varner, a motorcycle manufacturer, energy sector entrepreneur, philanthropist and businessman.

The KRAVE (Karges, Rainey, Aksland, Varner) Group owns commercial rights to the MotoAmerica Series, and will award AMA and FIM North America No. 1 plates to series class champions. The group will sell sponsorships, develop other commercial relationships for the series, secure tracks, create the calendar, process crew and media credentials and have responsibility for fan engagement.

“If you are an amateur or professional motorcycle road racer in America, if you are a fan of road racing or if you are a company that does business in this industry, this is an exciting day,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Our goal has always been to entrust the promoting and commercial rights for professional racing to a talented, dedicated, well-capitalized professional entity, and the KRAVE Group certainly offers all that and more.”

Rainey, an AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer, thanked the AMA for facilitating the acquisition.

“The AMA was instrumental in this deal coming together, serving as negotiator and mediator at all points of discussion,” Rainey said. “We appreciate the efforts of Rob Dingman throughout the process.”

The Ohio-based AMA, the world’s premier motorcycle advocacy group, will staff officials at each round of the professional series and develop an enforcement, appeal and rider license procedure. The AMA will be responsible for issuing professional road racing licenses for the series.

MotoAmerica, in consultation with the AMA, will develop classes, the rules of competition and event procedures. While details of the rulebook are still in development, classes and events will conform to prevailing international standards.

“The structure of our agreement with the AMA serves the goal of developing riders to be successful on the world stage,” Rainey said. “It allows a framework that supports advancement from youth competition to novice, from novice to Pro-Am, from Pro-Am to National Championship contention and, for the best of the best, an opportunity to race for a world title.”

The AMA, as the U.S. affiliate of the FIM, sanctions FIM-affiliated events in the United States. The AMA, along with the Canadian Motorcycle Association, administers FIM North America, which sanctions continental-level series and championship events in North America. The AMA also sanctions amateur motorcycle competition in America, a role the AMA has fulfilled since it was established in 1924.

“The AMA’s roles as FIM affiliate and amateur sanctioning body make it a critical piece to establishing a clear progression for America’s road racing community,” Rainey said. “We’re eager to build a fair, exciting and commercially viable professional road racing series not just for today’s stars, but for those who will stand on top of the podium for years to come.”

Dingman added: “The MotoAmerica/KRAVE Group has shown throughout the entire process that they have the best interests of the AMA and its members in mind. They not only accepted financial responsibility for the series, but the relationship requires the MotoAmerica Series to sanction its events with the AMA.”

As part of the agreement, the AMA has re-acquired the sanctioning, promotional and commercial rights to professional motorcycle road racing in America from Daytona Motorsports Group (DMG), which had purchased those rights from the AMA in 2008. DMG has operated the series for the last seven years and is no longer going to be the promoter of the series.

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blank 08/28/14 12:01PM AMA Supermoto, American Motorcyclist Association, FIM Supermoto

U.S. Supermoto of Nations Team Will Include
Gage McAllister, Monte Frank and Johnny Lewis

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association is pleased to announce the U.S. team that will compete at the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocylisme) Supermoto of Nations in Cremona, Italy, Oct. 12. The 2014 team will include Gage McAllister, Monte Frank and Johnny Lewis.

Brandon Ward and Eric Stump are alternates and will travel with the team to Cremona.

“Supermoto is a thrilling sport, and we’re excited for its resurgence in America,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “Sending riders to compete in the world team championship is another important part of accelerating the growth of U.S. Supermoto.”

Marco Pedde with Supermoto East Coast, which promotes the FIM North America Supermoto Championship Series, will manage the team.

“Supermoto has came a long way in the last few years, and the U.S. Supermoto of Nations team is the result of the hard work of the two AMA-sanctioned Supermoto series,” Pedde said. “Supermoto of Nations will be the great push the sport needs in America to get it back to where it belongs. I am really honored to be the team manager of the first American Supermoto of Nations team.”

Lewis competes in the FIM North America Supermoto Championship Series for Solid Performance KTM/Eyeball Moto.

“It’s been an amazing season racing the FIM North America Supermoto Championship Series so far with nine of 10 moto wins, and to now get the chance to represent the United States at the FIM Supermoto of Nations against the best in the world is going to cap off this awesome season,” said Lewis, who is from Coatesville, Pa. “I’m looking forward to teaming up with the other riders selected and putting in a great effort representing the USA.”

McAllister, who is from Lincoln, Calif., and rides for the Intents Racing team, said: “I am honored to be a part of the very first USA Supermoto of Nations team.”

Frank races in the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series for Team M&G Homes/Ajax Kawasaki. He’s second in points with four of six rounds completed.

“I’m pretty honored to be on the team since this is the first year,” said Frank, from Newcastle, Okla. “I’ve been racing Supermoto since 2006, so it’s good to still be around and get the opportunity to do this. The guys over there in Europe are super fast, so we’re looking forward to a great challenge. I’ve been going to Europe to race the last three years now, and everyone seems to take the sport just a bit more seriously over there, while over here in America, we’re still getting back up to speed. They might be a little bit more prepared in that sense, but Supermoto competition in the United States has definitely improved leaps and bounds with the new AMA series this year. We’re starting to get better rider turnout, and there’s a good group of fast guys committed to the series.”

Ward is part of the BW Racing team.

“I am extremely delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of the United States Supermoto of Nations team,” said Ward, from Newport Beach, Calif. “Racing in Europe has been a dream of mine for many years. I had the chance to race alongside the world’s best racers in the Mettet Superbikers last year, and ever since then I have had my eyes set on improving and being able to compete for a top finish alongside guys like Bidart, Hermunen, Lazzarini and the Chareyre brothers. Being selected to be a part of the United States SMoN team as an alternate is an unbelievable honor and if necessary, I will step in and represent the United States to the best of my ability.”

Stump rides for Eyeball Moto.

“Supermoto is coming back, and I am happy to be part of the first official U.S. Supermoto team competing at the FIM Supermoto of Nations,” said Stump, from Levittown, Pa.

Matt Stewart with USA Supermoto, which promotes the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, and Jay Kliger, with the FIM North America Supermoto Championship Series, will be assistant team managers.

“Everyone at the AMA Supermoto Championship Series is excited to be working with the Supermoto East Coast Series in sending the first U.S. team to the FIM Supermoto of Nations,” Stewart said. “We look forward to a successful trip and sending a team every year going forward.”

Added Kliger: “For the first time, the USA will have an official team for the FIM Supermoto Of Nations. This has been a goal of ours. To be part of it and to represent the United States on the world stage of Supermoto with a team of such talented riders is a true honor. We appreciate all the support from the AMA and the FIM and look forward to representing the USA in Cremona.”

Competition in the FIM Supermoto of Nations features the S1 class, which includes 175cc-250cc two-stroke motorcycles and 290cc-450cc four-stroke motorcycles.

The United States has never competed in the FIM Supermoto of Nations, which was first held in Bulgaria in 2008. Italy won the event in 2013, with Bulgaria second and France third.

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blank 08/28/14 06:53AM Strider Bikes, Strider Rider Fund, Training Bikes

Strider Sports Pays It Forward with Rider Fund

Strider Sports International

Rapid City, SD  - Strider Sports International, the world's premier manufacturer and marketer of no-pedal balance bikes, is pleased to announce the creation of the Strider® Rider Fund to facilitate giving bikes to organizations that serve children.

Strider Rider Fund


"Our mission statement talks about why we exist, but the new Rider Fund shows how we "walk the talk", says Founder and CEO, Ryan McFarland, who has committed one percent of Strider Sports' gross revenue from all sales worldwide each month towards the Rider Fund. "Plus, for every STRIDER™ bike registered at, we will commit another $1 to the Rider Fund." 


To further the reach of this program, Strider Sports will convert every $100 in the Rider Fund to $300 worth of Strider bikes and products! The bikes and products will be donated through a grant application process. Based on prior year's sales data, Strider is expecting to donate more than $250,000 worth of STRIDER bikes and products to charities this year alone! Of these donations, half will be earmarked specifically to support Special Olympics chapters and the Young Athletes Programs all across the US.


Strider announced the Rider Fund in June at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games, and after only 3 months has already donated over $112,000 worth of STRIDER bikes for distribution to applicants from non-profit organizations!


STRIDER Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help people learn to balance and ride on two wheels. There are STRIDER bike models for all ages; from 18 month old toddlers and elementary aged children to teens, adults, and even seniors, as well as for all abilities.


For more information about the Strider Rider Fund, and how you can contribute, go to

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